The Chest of Lost Legends

The Chest of Lost Legends

Game duration: 90 minutes
Number of players: 2-6
Genre: Adventure

DOOR 404 Escape room

As a part of a special family, your cousin the professor of archeology and treasure hunter, Luka Bogdanovich, is the most eccentric of all. He has traveled all over the world, seeing extraordinary and sometimes strange things. He confided to you a Mysterious Chest, hidden deep in a cave far away from civilization. Inside is an inestimable treasure, the fruit of a lifetime of archeological discoveries.
To benefit, you must succeed in unlocking the mystery of this legacy in less than 90 minutes or The Chest of Lost Legends will be locked forever!


2 PERSONS – 3.000 RSD
3 PERSONS – 3.000 RSD
4 PERSONS – 4.000 RSD
5 PERSONS – 5.000 RSD
6 PERSONS – 6.000 RSD