Game duration: 60-90 minutes
Number of players: 2-6
Genre: Mystery
Difficulty: 10/10
Language: English
Type of game: Online

While you were relaxing by PC, a strange message appeared on the screen. There you read that your online activities had been followed for a long time and that you meet all the criteria to join the famous organization of ethic hackers in their fight against theft, immoral, global warming and finally – freedom of information. Because of your personal and professional attributes, you are very important to the organization. You got intrigued and without too much hesitation you decided to accept their call and open a completely new, noble chapter of your life…

The first Online Escape Room game with a very clear environmental message, a fantastic scenario and innovative puzzles. The game is divided into three chapters, and the number of games at one time is unlimited which is perfect for team building activities.



PC or Mac

2.000 RSD

After purchasing the game, you will receive in your email:
1. Link to the game
2. Key for your team