Game duration: 60 minutes
Number of players: 2-6
Genre: Thriller/Horror

In a gruesome, completely man-made event-no one dares to talk about, we destroyed our economy and ecological environment, jump-starting the Apocalyptic age.
People said goodbye to their sanity, their morality and allowed lying, stealing, kidnapping, and other crimes to become the new normal, in order to survive.
We entered the darkest of times in our history.
Kidnapped and tied up you are left at the mercy of a sadistic organization known as “Selectors”, who choose special people that still have will, strength, empathy, morality and persistence to change this chaotic world.
You have one hour before the Selectors return, or you will lose every chance to escape.

Price list

2 persons – 3.000 RSD
persons – 3.000 RSD
persons – 4.000 RSD
persons – 5.000 RSD
persons – 6.000 RSD